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In general, when we draft an email we only sit to prepare the content, the subject line and the attachments if needed. How many of us do think of the receiver?

Did you know the ability to compose efficient and effective email is super useful – both in terms of productivity and responsiveness?

Well, here are few tips for effective email writing :

TIP 1 : We are all used to the well known saying “United WE stand, Divided WE fall” but when you write an email this stands FALSE.

Try to use as many ‘YOU’ as possible instead of ‘WE’. For Example : Instead of “We are positive” use “I am positive”. By doing so the reader subconsciously believes in you and this also increases the email’s credibility.

TIP 2 : The receiver probably receives a lot of emails and is as busy as you or even busier. Do not hold suspense in your emails. Give out the point as quickly as you can. Avoid using great vocabulary or asking too many questions. Keep it simple and straight forward.

TIP 3 : We all want to impress the receiver hands on and the natural tendency is to keep it extra sweet, cut down on sugar coated words. Do not be excessively complimenting. Compliment only if you really mean it. And remember to be brief if you need action from the receiver.

TIP 4 : Personalise email with relevant remarks to the receiver, put in a quick comment about their site, product or work. Address the person by name, sign email with your own name, and a friendly comment like “Enjoy your weekend!”

TIP 5 : Do not be too lost explaining everything without mentioning the next action clearly. After the matter make sure you distinguish the action points by adding a break or capitalising.

Last but not the least ,  Fonts and Formatting are equally important. Make sure your email does not scream out at the receiver. Highlight only where necessary and use pleasant colours to draw attention.

Above all , Be yourself – that is, the concise version of yourself.

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