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Who are we? Why are we born in this Earth? What is the purpose? So many questions on and on ….unanswered!

We worry, feel happy, feel sorrowful, feel angry…

we eat, sleep, we again wake up and move on…

at one point

we feel tired and we expire…but why?

that we live… every second, minute, hour, day comes as a surprise and we face it.

Where do we get the courage from?

Let’s get to the point, it is the circumstances/situations that constructs us. Good, bad, ugly no matter what we are ought to face it. In this present world, we are running a race, the world looks at winning the race. How many of us count on the experience in running the race successfully and finishing it. It is the experience that counts. Let’s share the experience and learning that we are obtained so far in this life we live. Share it with the younger, older, to the whole world and make a change.

Let the change begin from you. For that change to begin from you, you need to explore (searching) first and eventually you will discover (find) yourself with so many hidden treasures. For we do not light the lamp and put it under a basket. Instead, we place it on a stand, where it gives light to everyone.

Do not hide your treasures, share it… for we came empty handed and we leave empty handed. Teaching is one such treasure. Everybody is a teacher at one point were we ought to teach. Teach the right flairs and make a better world to live for generations to come. I fathom this answers the above questions…born and expire! Expiring is for sure, but let’s leave a mark before we expire.

We are created with positive vibes, come lets emit those…Come, let’s discover ourselves for a better tomorrow. Adios!

There is something from the time we are born and expire, have we contemplated on that? It is the life

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